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Luxirare Pennoni à la Vodka

DSC_0427 copy
The canned tomatoes I use are by Coluccio. Their whole tomatoes taste the best I think. In any case, always be sure to look for the D.O.P stamp. That means they were canned fresh from Italy.
DSC_0428 copy
So my ingredients are prepped. I used a painter's dish from PEARL PAINT to seperate ingredients. Garlic, salt, pepper, red hot chili peppers, basil, tomatoes, tomato paste, Parmesan cheese and blah blah. I really love making my own sauces because the taste difference is night and day.
DSC_0435 copy
Olive oil..extra virgin..unlike me. ha ha ha.
DSC_0460 copy
Braseole and garlic sauteeing in Olive oil. Pancetta and sausage can be used in traditional vodka sauces, but I prefer the Braseole.
DSC_0470 copy
I've added the ravaged tomatoes, and hot chili flakes. If you add too many tomatoes it will be more like a marinara and less like a creme sauce.
DSC_0478 copy
Time for the white stuff. So silky I love the feeling of it pouring out of my hands into the sauce. So pleasurable.
DSC_0492 copy
Freshly grated Parmesan.
DSC_0505 copy
Now..time for the sauna. I've also added the vodka, the whole bottle which is about 1/2 cup. (The alcohol cooks off through the steam) You can add more; I like the strong flavor of the vodka. If you want to get drunk while you eat pasta I guess you could add even more at the end before the alcohol cooks off. At Luxirare inebriation during lunch hour is a-ok.
DSC_0527 copy
Pasta boils in salted water. Undercook the heck out of it, because the pasta will continue to cook in the sauce. This is called carry over cooking. Nothing is worse than Penne without Bite.
DSC_0570 copy
Divine. The alcohol has cooked off and its ready to blanket the pasta. But it needs a little herby greeny something.
DSC_0576 copy
Ahhh yes, basil.
DSC_0582 copy
DSC_0585 copy

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