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Jada Pinkett Smith : A smart rock glam fashion mom

1108_COVER_0.jpgJada Pinkett Smith opened up to Cookie magazine about how she recently sat down with husband, Will Smith and devised a list of life and partnership goals.

“I’m doing what you might call a business plan in my marriage right now.  I don’t know why, but we all think these things are supposed to be in sync. You know, when you’re in business, you figure out what your goals are, and how you’re going to get all that achieved, right?  Why don’t we do that with our life partners? The point is to clear out a lot of unnecessary stuff so we can find ways of being better together, because your relationship is either moving forward or it’s dying.”

Following are other comments from Jada’s interview found in the November issue of Cookie:

On how similar childhood experiences have helped her and Will stay in tune on raising their children…

“We’re kind of innately in tune with what we both want for the kids.  We knew that part of our partnership would be creating the exact opposite of what we had. We find solutions because that’s what we both want. There is no other option.”

On not wanting her kids to be spoiled brats…

It’s not ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ just ‘because I told you so.’ “I tell them, ‘Every time you go out into the world, you are leaving an impression of yourself and this family with other people. What impression do you want to leave? Do you want people to think you are spoiled [rotten]?’”

On encouraging eight year old daughter, Willow to participate in as many activities as she wants…

“I say to her, ‘Always focus on your own personal strength,’ “As long as you compete with you and stay on the track that you want to be on, you’re going to be okay.”

THIS  IS A LONG ONE. Click on the continue reading link below to see the rest of the interview.

 On how a healthy self esteem is ultimately more important than manners and ETIQUETTE …

“I want them to feel good; I want them to smile. Once children feel great about being who they are, you don’t really have to worry about manners.”

On how ‘getting back to nature’ is the primary family goal…

When the going gets rough, instead of just going ‘Argh,’ we sit down and say, ‘We’re going to find a way to do this.’ In this case, I say, ‘Will, you find out exactly where we should go in Yellowstone with the kids, and I’ll do Big Sur.’

On how maintaining a jam-packed schedule results in her overall optimal performance …

“I’ve found that I’m at my best when I [engage] everything—the mind, the spirit, my body.”


  • EAT AS A FAMILY…“There’s flexibility  about when they eat breakfast and lunch, but dinner together is sacred.”
  • ENLIST HELP… “I’m lucky to have a lot of people in my world who help me” “She [her mother] travels with me all the time, and when I travel and the kids aren’t with me, she stays with them.”
  • DRINK WATER…“I tell them, ‘You have three bottles of water a day, then drink what you want.  I’m always like, ‘Listen, we’ve got to keep our bodies strong—we got too much stuff to do!’ ”
  • Respect their boundaries… “Staying out of kids’ space can teach them to be responsible for their own decisions and mistakes. Is it their room, or are they borrowing the space while they’re living in your house? If it’s theirs, then they should be able to do whatever they want with it. If it’s their clothes, they have the right to do whatever they want with those clothes. We have to give them some freedom to be who they are.”
  • CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES… “Who is it going to hurt, really, if she has orange balloon pants on the red carpet?” “I try to stay outside my ego and what I want and to respect them as I expect them to respect me.”
  • Expose and educate…“We go to church as a family on Sunday, but we study  world religion during the week as well. We read excerpts from the Bible, from hindu texts, Kabbalah, Judaism....”


Accessoire Fashion : Little china girl

meg-ryan-daisy.jpgInfo pour Mukluk qui veut acheter une petite chinoise pour la vitrine de Zéro-Douze : Meg Ryan - qui a vraiment abusé du Botox - a fait l'acquisition d'une petite Daisy !



wenn1576561_wenn1576561.jpgOui Madame, j'avais toutes mes chances avec Tony Soprano ! : j'apprend que James Gandolfini vient d'épouser Deborah Lin en secondes noces, à Hawai le mois dernier. Le charme asiatique a encore frappé !

(Asian Mafia)

Hamster Boy

max bratman 715127.jpgmax bratman 715123.jpgVu ces clichés de Max Bratman, fils de Christina Aguilera et de Jordan Bratman. :(

Daddy's little girl : Zahara Jolie-Pitt

Brad PITT_B_B_GR_01.jpg
Brad PITT_B_B_GR_14.jpg

Bunny girl : Holly Madison


Happy Birthday Romeo Beckham

beckham_birthday_21_wenn2058838.jpgbeckham_birthday_18_wenn2058842.jpgbeckham_birthday_08_wenn2058841.jpgbeckham_birthday_15_wenn2058840.jpgQuand Posh Spice organise la birthday party costumée de son fils Romeo, 6 ans cette année, elle ne lésine pas sur les invitations : les petis copains sont Leni (fille d'Heidi Klum et Flavio Briatore), Henry (fils d'Heidi Klum et Seal), Kingston Rossdale (fils de Gwen Stefani et Gavin Rossdale), Bluebell (fille de Geri Haliwell).

On peut dire que le bon goût n'était pas au rendez-vous, entre le look pétasse de Victoria, la tenue dégueu de Ginger Spice et les Louboutin rose pâle d'Heidi...

(Petits princes d'Hollywood)


Famous kid face : Sting



Les pieds dans le caviar

6823_chaumet.jpgPour accompagner l'exposition photo estivale baptisée "Bal à Vendôme", les people étaient conviés à un bal de têtes inspiré des surréalistes, dans les salons de l'hôtel Westin. Aux platines, Marie-Amélie Seigner et les Putafranges. - Juillet 2008